Doctorate degree programs

This affords candidates with Masters Degree from recognized Universities the opportunity to carry out an elaborate Research Work in their chosen fields and obtain an Academic Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Health Science etc.

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Admission Requirement

1. Candidate must possess a minimum of 2.5/4 Master’s Degree will be qualified for an admission into a PhD Program on a course related to both First Degree and Master’s Degree.
However if candidate CGPA is less than the above the following applies
a. Candidate with not less than 10 years’ experience in research (via additional qualifications) or related fields can be consider for direct admission into PhD Program
b. Candidate with less 10 years’ experience and no additional research qualification shall be admitted into an M- Phil Program

Completion Requirment

Minimum Number of Papers to present: 6 (Minimum of 2 yearly)
- Minimum Number of publications in International Journals: 2
- Minimum International Conference Presentation: 2
- PhD students must be attached to, at least, one organization and their projects shall be geared towards providing viable industrial solutions to problems currently faced by the chosen organization/industry.
- Student will be made to submit a compilation of their research works to an independent Professor for grading before qualifying for their final defense.
- Final defense will last for a minimum of 2 hours; student will demonstrate a breakdown of the total work done and the solutions achieved.
- It is upon the recommendations of the Board that students will be qualified for the award of the Doctorate degree.